Before you begin the journey down your career path you want to make sure you have the right tools to make your trip a successful one. As you start to look for a job you will need a well polished resume, good language skills, information about housing, salary ranges, work permits, visas and immigration. Have a look at some of the essential tools we have compiled to help you in your successful job search.


Find Your Career Path

Several highly regarded Career Assessment Tests are available to help students link interests and personal styles to courses or internships that can lead to more rewarding career choices and guide those re-entering the workforce by gauging interest in various tasks and functional work areas to assist career changers in researching new career possibilities.

The Strong Inventory is one of the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. It helps high school and college students—as well as people in transition—make fulfilling career choices.


World Class Education At Your Fingertips

Academic Earth



Did you know that many top universities put lectures online for free?

Academic Earth, an organization founded with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world-class education, has compiled full video courses and lectures from the world’s leading scholars.


Essential Books

essential books






We know that sometimes you just can't find what you need on-line. So we have reviewed some great career and job search books that you shouldn't do without.

Have a look here at some of our top picks.


Assess Your Career

In association with the International Assessment Network we are offering our users a free career assessment. Fill out an extensive on-line questionnaire and receive an emailed assessment of the top ten careers that match your skills and characteristics. Click here to take the FREE MAPP Assessment.


Resume Tools

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A ResumeDeli™ Revamp Gets You Interviews - Guaranteed!

Our mission at Resume Deli is simple: to equip you with the most powerful resume and cover letter possible—no matter what your industry or level of experience. Click here to get started!


Learn a Language

If you want to work in a foreign country you will need to speak the local language with some degree of proficiency. You can take a language course on-line or at a local university but there are several aids dedicated to second language speakers. We recommend products from Champs Elysses that are designed for native English language speakers who are learning French, German, Spanish or Italian.

If you are just getting started then language tapes are a great way to get started in your car or in the comfort of your own home. We recommend the following courses: Berlitz Language Tools on


Looking for a place to stay?