Employer Tips - How To Write A Good Job Posting

Communicate effectively with job seekers with a well-written job posting. Craft your job posting to attract top candidates by providing enough information about who and what you are looking for out of a candidate so you don't receive communications from unwanted applicants. The more information you provide in your job posting, the fewer questions you will have to answer from interested applicants about the job.

The following tips will help you get started:

  Job Title
The Job Title for your job posting will be presented to job seekers as part of keyword and location search results. Use the content of your Job Title to encourage a job seeker to click through to your full job listing. Write a concise and informative Job Title that compels a job seeker to want more information. Include information about the job, the location, benefits, skills required or the company within the Job Title. You may use the following examples as guidelines:
  • Summer Camp Counselor – Archery – Free Room and Board: CO-US
  • Ski Instructor, 4+ Years Exp., Top Pay, Housing and Benefits: UT-US
  • C++, Java Developer, Bi-lingual French/English, Multinational: Belgium
  • Nuclear Power Engineer – Relocation and Visa – Top Pay: Mid East.
  • Public Affairs Intern, Senator Randall’s Office (MA) – 3rd Year Student: DC
  Company Description
Craft a detailed Company Profile to tell job seekers about your organization. Candidates are very interested in the size, location, history, work environment and ownership of companies that they are considering for their employment. Write about your company in a way that is informative but that also appeals to the job seekers who are considering applying to your open positions.
  Candidate Requirements
With hundreds of thousands of visitors every month attracts job seekers with a wide variety of skills and experience. Job seekers are more likely to apply to positions that clearly match the skill set and experience that they posses. If your job opening requires specific skills, languages, software proficiency, certifications, industry experience, education, degrees, GPA, minimum age or licenses then please clearly describe these requirements within the body of your job posting.
  Nationality Requirements
Many people from outside the US want to come work in the United States. Likewise, many US citizens want to work abroad for an international experience. Please specify within your posting whether or not you accept foreign applicants. Not only will you limit the number or applications that you need to sort through and respond to but you will also prevent excited job seekers from other countries from having false hopes of getting a job in your company. If you want to hire students from outside the US (or from the US if you are in a foreign country) then please indicate whether or not you provide assistance with working papers or whether or not you work with agencies like BUNAC ( or CIEE ( to assist in the process.
  Benefits and Salary
Include information about the benefits you offer as part of employment with your company. Include information about housing benefits or assistance, end of season bonuses, health insurance, retirement benefits or bonuses. Please also include information about salary ranges.
  Application Instructions and Contact Information
Provide detailed instructions to job seekers about how you would like them to respond to your job postings and then make sure that all of the relevant contact information is provided. Likewise, if you do not want applicants to call you then do NOT include your phone number. Under the Manage Contacts function of your Account Tools, you can choose to hide your email address from job seekers. This keeps your email address private but also allows you to receive applications by email through our system.
  Link to Your Site
If you have a company Web site please include a link to your site so that job seekers can learn more information about your company.
  Grammar, Spelling and Form
Please use correct English grammar and spelling within your job posting. Use full sentences, do not use improper abbreviations and please do not write your posting using ALL CAPS. Put an emphasis on professionalism in your job posting and you will attract applicants who are professional. has the right to reject any job postings that do not follow these guidelines.