Benefits of Seasonal Jobs

There are many reasons you should consider a Seasonal Job. If you are out of work, this temporary job opportunity can tide you over until you find something permanent. Keep in mind that employers look at gaps in your resume. Taking a seasonal job keeps your employment status active and shows that you are not idling away your time as you search for your next permanent job.

If you work hard and make a great impression on your seasonal employer, that temporary gig could become permanent. Many businesses choose their best seasonal employees to stay on after their busy season has passed. Even you are ready to say goodbye after your short stint, make the most of your time there by networking and building on your skills - and gain a positive reference for future job opportunities.

Because of the variety and flexibility of seasonal jobs that are available, these job opportunities attract a wide demographic of job seeker. Whether you are a student, parent, or retiree seasonal jobs can be a great way to supplement your income - Retail stores alone add hundreds of thousands of jobs at the holidays. And a majority of seasonal jobs do not require employees to be highly skilled. So they are a great way to gain experience and network, no matter who you are or what your employment status is.

There are seasonal jobs to be had year round. There are numerous full-time and part-time opportunities at businesses whose hiring needs fluctuate depending on the time of year, not just during the summer (think amusement parks and camps) or during the holidays (retail outlets and parcel delivery / shipping companies).

Read on to learn more about the different types of jobs you can find each season.

Spring Seasonal Employment:

Landscapers start hiring staff for yard cleanups and regular mowing jobs. This could be a part-time or full-time opportunity. And some services will even hire you as a contractor, allowing you to be your own boss.

The Internal Revenue Service and tax preparation services hire extra staff for tax season, generally January through May. For some positions you will need tax prep or accounting experience. But don’t let that stop you from exploring these opportunities. Companies like H&R Block offer an Income Tax Course for their employees.

Summer Seasonal Employment:

Employers such as summer camps, amusement parks, national parks, hotels and retailers all offer great summer job opportunities. Some positions require no experience while others, such as lifeguarding jobs, require experience and certification.

Fall Seasonal Employment:

Retailers and amusement parks start hiring for Halloween events starting mid-July. This seasonal business is booming - with haunted houses and costume pop-up stores lurking around every corner of the country. There are loads of part-time jobs for Sales Associates or Box Office staff. And there are plenty of creative roles available for positions such as, Actors.

As with all seasonal jobs, these Halloween opportunities are a great way to gain entry into a new company and network, and get into the spirit of the holiday.

Winter Seasonal Employment:

Resorts begin hiring for the ski season during the fall. Jobs range from outdoorsy positions like ski instructor or lift operator, to hospitality jobs ranging from front desk to housekeeping to food service.

Businesses that peak during the holiday season offer a great number of opportunities, both part-time and full-time. Retail outlets from small boutiques to large chain stores hire extra salespeople, stock people and warehouse to support holiday shoppers. And shipping companies need drivers and staff in their distribution centers to keep up with demand.